Misheberach/HaKadosh Baruchu

My summer of music continues. I’ve been expressing myself more with music these days and finding inspiration in Jewish prayers and text to express my frustration with all of the violence in the world. I find myself in a unique position of learning to be a rabbi, learning what it means to be a leader in the Jewish community, and feeling like an outsider in the Jewish community, because no matter what I do, I am often not seen as Jewish or somehow seen as less than Jewish. And many of the Jews closest to me whom I love dearly will never understand what it is like to be a black women/person in America and turn on the television, Twitter, Facebook, etc and see people that look like me being killed. I feel broken and often feel hopeless, so what do I do…I pick up a guitar which seems to help.

MIsheberach Avoteinu
Misheberach I’moteinu
Please bless those in need of healing
HaKadosh Baruchu

May the one who Blessed our Mothers
who Blessed our Fathers
We need you to hear our cry
HaKadosh Baruchu

The God of Wholeness
The God of Wonder
Please teach me and give me strength
HaKadosh Baruchu

El Shaddai Adonai
I need you to heal the world
And make it right

I want to live in a world full of song and hope
Where my children can play and not have to cope
Please bless us and give us healing
HaKadosh, HaKadosh, HaKadosh
HaKadosh Baruchu

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