Counting the Omer Day 44: Strength, and Discipline in Leadership

Today I was asked to fill some very big shoes and for me those shoes feel a bit like clown shoes. Then I was reminded by a special friend that I am needed to hold that space, that space of scared time. I was not asked to do this task because of my amazing liturgic or rabbinic skills, after all I am a student. I have been asked to hold the space of sacred time and guide a family through the journey of their son becoming a Bar Mitzvah. What an honor.

Then I got another gift today, a gift of rediscovery. I rediscovered my Jewish roots. And my roots represent where I come from and where I am going.

Today is the 44th day of counting the Omer: Strength in Leadership. Strength is the power that comes from within to lead us on our journey

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