My Favorite Fitness Apps

Regardless of what the calendar says, it’s now finally spring in Philadelphia and I thought I would share a few of my favorite fitness apps.

I have had an iPhone since 2009 and will probably continue to have one, since I am now buried in the Apple ecosystem. Over the years I have used a ton of fitness apps, some have come and gone, and I thought maybe now would be a good time to share my information. I have and have had a ton of apps most of them centered on Fitness, Hebrew, Social Media, Note Taking and other forms of productivity. I will probably write about these at a later date.

My favorite fitness apps are:

Lose It!Lose It! was one of the first apps I downloaded. It’s great and easy for counting calories or just watching what you put into your body. It really helped when I was trying to lose weight. I have tried other apps that are similar but for me I’ve always liked Lose It the best.

Fitocracy I love this app, it’s a social media platform for fitness kind of like Facebook for fitness. And it’s fun for keeping track of everything thing that I do related to fitness. There are also fitness challenges and much more. I also like that the creators are always updating this app.

RunKeeper I have to admit that I am not a huge runner and I use this app mostly to keep track of cycling rides, walks and when I do run I use this app. I love it. It has never crashed on me like other apps, plus it has a built in GPS which maps my exercise.

Zombies Run Great app for running and it’s a fun game. If you like being chased by zombies

A Few More
I’ve used Moves and Human both are great apps for motivating people to move. I abandon these apps when I got a fitbit. Fitbit is great and fun. I’ve only had it for a few days, maybe I’ll write a review about it in the coming days.

Today, I tried C25KFree (Couch to 5K) to help me get in running shape for the summer. It was fun, easy and made me enjoy running, but I think I will switch to the Couch to 5K app from because it’s more interactive and has more features.

I hope this helps and enjoy Spring.

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