This year I have decided that I do not want to spend my Thanksgiving with a turkey. For the last few years (with a few exceptions) I have been to people’s homes for the Thanksgiving meal, eating bad food and/or being at tables where I can only eat a few items. I have decided  not to do that this year. I live in a house, with a wonderful partner and I can finally have a Thanksgiving meal where I can enjoy or not enjoy all of the food like everybody else. I’m not sure if people realize it or not, but non-vegans can eat vegan food, it doesn’t really work the other way around. This year I am hosting my first ever all vegan Thanksgiving, Yay!! And this year Thanksgiving and Hanukkah collide. A truly rare event. The last time that happened  was 125 years ago in 1888 and it won’t happen again for another 76,000 years or so. And like many Jews I am planning a holiday mashup which for me will include cornbread stuffing and latkes. So…


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