Belief in God…

Belief in God, therefore, has to do… with human nature, with the way individual men and women act, with their attitudes, their ideas of what is good and what is bad, with their ideals… If we believe that life is worthwhile, that it is good, that, in spite of sickness and accidents, in spite of poverty and war, in spite of all the sad and difficult conditions in the world, that the world can still be made a better place, then we believe in God. When we believe in God, we cannot be discouraged because we believe that all the misery in the world is due, not to the fact that misery must be there, that it is a necessary part of life, but to the fact that we have not yet discovered how to do away with that misery.

Rabbi Ira Eisenstein (adapted), From the Shabbat Vehagim, the Reconstructionist Shabbat and Festival prayer book, Reconstructionist Press

One thought on “Belief in God…

  1. It’s quotes like this that really drive home for me how much Reconstructionism is an essentially American baby. The influential thinkers of the early movement seem to have drawn so much inspiration from Pragmatists like William James, especially in their emphasis on what a belief *actually does* in the life of someone who believes it.

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