State of Black Gay America Summit 2010

This photo was taken in 2010 at the “State of Black Gay America Summit” in Atlanta Georgia and I am pretty sure that I was talking about food sustainability and my concerns about the health of not just the Black LGBT Community but the Health of the larger African-American population, the queer community and Jewish community and society as a whole and I see our food choices having a lot do with our health. I’ve been interested in food and nutrition for a long time. I was once a competitive power lifter, bodybuilder and I have been a personal trainer for a long time and quickly learned how important nutrition is on athletic performance. In 2009 I became a vegan. I became a vegan because I wanted to feel good and look good and the vegan diet made since to me. I have always believed in order to be healthy we should be eating a strong plant based diet (even though I wasn’t following that advice myself) this doesn’t mean that everyone needs to be a vegan but we should be eating more fruits and vegetables and less meat.

Jewishly, I also think a lot about Genesis 1:29 and Genesis 9:2-5 and maybe one day will write something about the diet shift in the Torah (if you are not sure what that is, read both of the above versus and let me know your thoughts). I hadn’t thought much about food and Judaism until I became a vegan and soon recognized that being a vegan made it easier for me to keep a kosher kitchen and to keep kosher. I also feel much more connected to my food since I try to eat what I call as close to the ground with my food as possible (meaning I try not to eat a lot of processed food).

Here are some questions to ponder over: what does it say about us as a society, when we continue to put fast food chains in low income areas? Feeding people in urban areas; who are mostly brown and poor, high calorie food with very little nutritional value. As folks in urban areas we need to demand better food choices, make better food choices and fight to get good grocery stores in our neighborhoods and keep fast food chains out of our neighborhoods. What does it say about us a Jewish people that we are more concerned about a food item being kosher that we don’t think about whether or not the food is healthy? News flash, fruits and vegetables are kosher. Please let us think about this when passover comes around and we are running around trying to get Pesadik items (I can’t even call this stuff food) for passover instead of remembering that passover is a holiday about freedom, redemption and doing without certain foods.

These are just my ramblings for this Shabbat morning. Feel free to share your thoughts

2 thoughts on “Food

  1. Hi Sandra, The Beet-Eating Heeb is glad to have discovered you, your blog and this post in particular.

    The Beet-Eating Heeb blogs about food issues from a Jewish and vegan perspective and would value your feedback and thoughts.

    Coincidentally, he wrote about Genesis 1:29, which was a life-changer for him, in a recent post:

    Shabbat Shalom,

    The Beet-Eating Heeb

    • Thanks for the comment. Sorry it took me a little while to moderate the comment, my schedule is a little crazy these days. Looking forward to connecting with you. I sent you a Facebook friend request and looking forward to more connection with you.

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